Traiteur Christmas menu : 24 December 2023

Again this year, you can order a delicious party menu so you can enjoy culinary delights at home without much preparation. Warm up, dress and above all enjoy.
Adjustments / allergens are not possible. Also no shortened version of the menu below.

5 course menu €85pp

Scallops in shell / cream of parsley root / gravy and oil pine / sea banana


Catch of the day in green


Fillet of doe / parsnip / gratin potatoes / shi-také / Brussels sprouts / gravy doe


3 pieces of cheese / compote / roll


Christmas stalk of nougat glacé


Rascasse bread

More on our menu:

All dishes are already prepared.
Only the hot preparations need to be reheated at home.
As always, there will be a detailed explanation with photo material .

You can only order via the order link.
Custom wines can also be ordered via our order link.
If you are ordering for another party , please let us know so we can package it separately.

How to order:

Orders for takeaway December 24, 2023:
No later than Friday, 15/12/2023


Sunday, December 24 at the restaurant.
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


In advance bank transfer: BE95 1430 8384 2558
When transferring, please mention the same name as the name of the order.


On site by bank card or cash

Looking for a gift for yourself or someone else:

Gift certificate Rascasse ORDER HERE or to be picked up on site